Problems Of Teenagers

These are confusing times to be the parent of a teenager. It is often even more confusing to BE a teenager. Families are bombarded by media images and parents have reduced control over the impact of the outside world on their children. Throughout most of human history, children were mature, functioning adults; working and starting their own families by the age of 14. In a modern, technological society it can take 20 years or more before a young person can make their way successfully in the world. The years between 12 and 20 can be very challenging for adolescents and their families.

Teenagers who make poor choices at this stage often find themselves with restricted career and academic choices. More detrimental choices can lead to more severe problems such as substance abuse, eating disorders or sexual acting out.

Psychological counseling by a neutral, caring and knowledgeable adult can be highly effective in supporting the many challenges faced by these emerging young adults. If you are concerned about a teenager you love, I urge you to contact me via email, or call 561.212.5408 to set up an appointment and discover how I can help turn their lives in a positive direction.