Relationship Strengthening

We expect a lot from our relationships-more than they were ever intended to provide. We hope for friendship, support, sexual excitement, assistance with chores, business and career guidance and playmate. It’s a tough act. In less industrial and technological societies people lived in small communities and had close relationships with many people. *** They didn’t rely on one person to meet so many basic needs. This is why modern relationships so often feel like they come up short.

What makes a modern relationship work?

Often we have unstated goals and needs in our relationships. To strengthen relationships, I help people identify and clearly communicate what are their primary and most essential needs. Surprisingly, this is something couples often fail to do. What would your partner say if you asked, “what do you think is most important in our relationship?” Once we have defined goals, we develop strategies to deal with conflict and differences. Working together, we find ways to recognize where and how communication breaks down and prevent it from occurring frequently or destructively. You can learn how to treat each other with the love, respect and dignity all of us crave. This approach is effective for married and unmarried partners as well as parents and teenagers and adults and aging parents. If you are having a hard time connecting with someone you love, I urge you to call 561.212.5408, or email contact me.