Conquering Depression

It is mood that drains the vitality and joy from day to day life. It is a loss of enthusiasm and interest; a waning of optimism and a chronic source of worry and pessimism. Depression can occur even when life and our current circumstances are going well and it can be profound when adversity strikes. Even the strongest can succumb during the major challenges in life: divorce, financial loss, medical illness, death or great difficulty for a loved one.

For men, it often comes camouflaged as anger, tension, or irritability. Women often disguise depression with smiles and jokes, functioning well as mothers, daughters, partners or on the job while falling apart inside.

Some people truly are born depressed. Others come to it through circumstance. Either way, therapy can help. Most people will experience a great deal of relief from our work together. Research consistently demonstrates the effectiveness of psychological intervention. We will also develop strategies to minimize the likelihood of re-occurrence to give you a life with a capacity for joy. I urge you to act. Freedom from depression and anxiety can be achieved!

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