by Robin L Goldstein, EdD Licensed Psychologist

After grief there is an opportunity to make life happy and fulfilling, perhaps for the first time. A surprising statistic of divorce is that a significant majority of people feel their life has improved two years after divorce. Even for the person who did not make the choice to separate!

Men who make the best adjustment will be those who work at making life richer, happier, more fulfilling. What do I miss from the last relationship? What are the elements I would rather avoid in a new partner. What are the dreams I deferred that I can now pursue? What did I learn that will make the next phase of my life as good as possible. All relationships have lessons to teach us. The challenge is to transform those lessons into growth that improves our future.

Counseling can help you put your experience in perspective and assist you in coping with the worst of the grief, anger, emptiness or fear. If you have been “stuck” for a long time, I can help you to move forward. How do we learn from our losses and use that experience to enrich our life with purpose and direction? If you have gotten lost in the whirlwind that is often a part of separating, I urge you to contact me.