February 22, 2013

When Good Kids Get Bad Grades

I work with teenagers and often, when a parent brings their son or daughter to consult with me it’s because of a battle over bad grades. A common story is that Mark was a terrific student until middle school or sometimes high school. The parent tries threats and punishments that don’t seem to help, the grades continue to deteriorate and so does the relationship between the teenager and Mom and Dad.  If a teenager has always struggled in school, it is not surprising when the higher grades become more of a challenge.  When bad grades come in a child who was previously a good student it is more of a puzzle.


Peer relationships become much more important and often, much more challenging in adolescence. Kids are trying to figure out who they are and what their place is in the world and the easiest shortcut is to assume a pre-formed identity such as jock, or math whiz or rule breaker.  Teenagers, who are less secure in general than adults, take rejection hard so they tend to follow the rules of whatever group they are accepted in and take rejection with greater intensity. Balancing all this while trying to seem cool is stressful and for many kids academics can easily take a back seat to maintaining social acceptance.

Adults tend to feel that teenage crushes are not that serious  but they are of central importance to your son or daughter. Kids mature at different rates and some aren’t that interested in romantic relationships until their upper teens. When those hormones do kick in, however, they are enormously powerful. It may be fine to tell  your teenager that his relationship with his girlfriend is less important than getting good grades but it will not be advice that is heeded. These relationships are very serious to the persons who are involved and you only antagonize and alienate your child when you belittle these intense attachments. If you are able to remain sympathetic and supportive you will have a better chance of helping your child to balance out the demands of their social needs with their often hard to perceive financial and career future.


Another overlooked but unfortunately common cause of bad grades, especially seriously failing grades in smart kids is adolescent depression. Depression in the teen years is not too uncommon.  Suicide is the third leading cause of death among teenagers and may actually be higher because reckless driving leading to car accidents (the number one cause) may also be related to depression and suicidal thinking. Depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings occur much more frequently than actual suicides. Older people tend to scoff at this or think, “When I was a kid we didn’t have time to be depressed.” This may actually be true. For the generation of WWII going to work or going to war were much more a part of every day reality. While we don’t wish this type of difficulty on our children, it gave our parents or grandparents generation an immediate purpose and focus in their life. Having real responsibilities and day to day obligations is a support to good mental health. Yes, school IS an obligation for the teenagers of today but it is one they can easily avoid.

Teens, like adults who suffer from depression, feel bad about themselves and can feel hopeless about the future. A parent’s anger or criticism about poor school performance can just add to the teenager’s sense of failure and futility. Loss of motivation is also very common in depression so keeping up with demanding academic schedules becomes more and more of a struggle. When a parent’s anger and criticism gets added to that in only makes the depression and poor performance worse.


Drugs are rampant in schools. The drug culture is pervasive and even good kids from good families will find ample opportunity to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Baby boomer parents who experimented in their youth or who may still feel comfortable using marijuana tend to avoid much criticism of drug use to their teens, implying acceptance. Boomers tended to try drugs when they were in college when they had a little more maturity and accomplishment to fall back on. This level of drug use has moved to down to high school and even middle schools. The teenagers I talk to in affluent Boca Raton, Florida speak quite casually of drugs and alcohol being easily available and abundant in social environments.

Marijuana is not a benign drug. One of it’s most well known effects in regular users is to cause apathy. This can be very detrimental to teenagers who need to maintain motivation to succeed when the rewards seem far away and poorly understood. A fourteen year old doesn’t worry about getting a good job or going to a good college. The pleasure drugs provide is immediate so there is always a risk of losing control of the level of use.Many teenagers whose grades have deteriorated greatly are using drugs or alcohol at a level vastly underestimated by unsuspecting parents.


There are many possibilities for what is causing YOUR child to be doing so much worse at school. Don’t assume it is just obstinance or defiance. That is sometimes the reason but there can be other, more serious problem of which poor grades are just the evidence. To help your teenager to do better, it’s important to understand what is causing the problem because different solutions are required in different circumstances. Most parents know their children and the type of people they are. If your child has been highly motivated in the past, look underneath the surface to see what is going on. Deliberate failure is actually pretty rare.


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  1. Jay says:

    When I was in high school not to long ago. I had these problems starting from the 8th grade. I use to be the best of the best when it came to academics. Always getting praise for how brilliant I was and I was receiving them still in high school but my mood and motivation for school shifted. I had a lot of personal problems at home and even more at school. Putting all that on changing hormones is pretty scary and extremely stressful. I become deeply depressed and unmotivated. I was going to hospital after hospital because my mom could not understand what was happening and my new dark mode I was set into. I stopped going to school and every year I was on the verge of dropping out. I always been extremely intelligent but my grades would drop tremendously when I wouldn’t go and then it would boost up again to near perfect when I would go back to avoid court time and drop slightly. As a 18 year old graduate I deeply regret my choices that led to a 2.6 gpa. I wish I would had some more support and better consoling through High School. The therapist at the alternative school helped me get through and the huge support from most if not all the staff. My goal right now is to get a perfect score on the SAT. I want to fix my mistakes of my younger self.

  2. Tanleigh Webb says:

    I do struggle with depression, ADHD, and anxiety. I was diagnosed when I was 11. I’ve never had bad grades usually A’s and B’s sometimes C’s but I’m in 8th grade now and in 14. My grades fell instantly cause I never turned my stuff in. My parents decided to take my phone and I started turning things in. Every day its “remember why you’re at school” they always yell and tell me to get my grades up and I do! I try doing everything to get them up my dog died a month ago and I still tried. I ask for extra credit and my old work but there’s none. My parents think I’m not trying but I am. I’m so stressed that my depression is worse and it makes me less motivated, plus I’ve been grounded from my phone so long that I don’t care anymore like it just doesn’t bother me. I have only missed 2 assignments per class all year and the teachers drop my c’s or b’s to F’s but they never let us get it up! my parents just don’t understand it. I wanna move schools and start my grades over but I don’t wanna leave my friends. I’m just so stressed and upset lately and I don’t know what to do or what to tell my parents to stop stressing me out

  3. Would Not Like To Share says:

    I suffer from depression (not diagnosed) from my lack of performance in school. All of my older sisters were really smart and were always top of the class students and I was until the end of 8th grade. I am in 9th grade now and it is worse than ever. I sometimes just get so upset and hopeless that I don’t even bother to do my homework because it feels like I’m already so deep in my bad grades that I can’t fix it. My worst subject is geometry. I hate it and my teacher is the worst and I just can’t handle getting these awful grades anymore. I want to take AP courses next year because I will feel like a stupid kid if I don’t, but my dad doesn’t want me to because he wants me to get my GPA up. I am always very stressed when my parents get my report card because I know it will disappoint and anger them and I will get punished. It makes me feel so worthless and stupid and it makes me feel like I will never do anything good in my life. My older sisters tell me to not let my grades affect my self-worth, but that’s easy for them to say since they were always top of the class students. I don’t know what to do anymore and every time I get a little ounce of hope, it gets taken away as soon as I walk into geometry class or start my geometry homework. I don’t know what to do anymore and I feel like my future is just going to be flipping burgers and earning minimum wage.

    • James says:

      I feel the same way in a sense sometimes when I look at all the competition there is in school, what I want to become in the future and the pressures of what my parents want my academic excellence to be like, I do get overwhelmed in a sense that I am depressed. My case is more severe in a sense that every single question I get wrong on a test grade I complain over. Sometimes I think the best thing to do is have something to think about that really makes you happy and try to apply those joyful thoughts to school work in order to improve grades. Being a junior in High School, I’m taking all the courses there is to become a Doctor (ie AP Chem, Nutrition Hon, Anatomy and Physiology) and I have to say its really overwhelming. Work will always get harder in Highschool and you can’t change the way you learn in school, but there are always ways to capitalize on the way in which you learn. If I may provide one more bit of advice, its to say that you should not compare yourself to other people, which may be hard especially if you see them everyday, but YOU are not the same person as THEY are. Everybody learns differently and has a different level of learning. Although I’m not completely impervious to jealousy of my peers getting better grades than me, it certainly helps.

      P.S. = I apologize for my response being so general and out of focus. I’m just trying to help out the best I can through the experiences that I’ve noticed personally.

      • Alexandria says:

        James, good for you on selecting challenging courses in high school. As a current premedical student, I want to give you some helpful tips on your journey towards medicine.

        First: Don’t immediately box yourself into biology and chemistry. Try other fields, such as software engineering or finance/accountancy; they both have comparable pay to a physician but require much less expenditure and allow a more balanced lifestyle.

        Second: Your classes in high school may help some, especially in intro classes, but they won’t matter too much as you get into your field. Don’t sacrifice your mental health for school.

        Third: Start getting experiences early in college; you don’t want to be a senior and be missing nonclinical volunteer hours. Explore, find your passion, and stick to it. Tell a story with your application.
        Fourth: choose a high-ranking college that you feel you can excel at. Ranking does matter, but GPA first. Harvard and other high=ranked colleges are notorious grade-inflaters, and all GPAs are the same.

        Final point: If you are serious about medicine, don’t bog yourself down with a weighty science major (bio/chem) unless that is truly your academic strength. Trying out multiple classes in freshman year can give you the opportunity to start a non-traditional major, ranging from a BA in engineering/math/computer science to a BA in sociology, in your freshman year and allow you to graduate on time. Best of luck, you’ll need it.

    • Andrew says:

      I feel the same way too. I used to excel in every subjects in my class. I was also competing and representing my school in many competitions.

      But now, I don’t know. I’m in 9th Grade and I feel very hopeless. I know that I can do much better than that but there’s something that holding me back.
      And when I got a failed grades, my teacher/s would be disappointed because I used to excel but now I am failing.

      I got a feeling that I don’t trust myself now. Like I’m not deserving and I’m not capable of doing it though i did it in the past years.

      It’s so hard to cope up in school. It’s like that I’m happy outside but really sad inside.

  4. I’m 16 and note I’m in Australia. I’m a girl with Aspergers or known as high function autism. I’m the type of student who studies hard maybe moe than 10 hours, always do assessments, homeworks , tests and yes even exams.

    My parents are great, they tell me to do my best but I don’t feel happy. I get one A, two B, couple C but one D and that’s English. English ugh. I behave the most and others are lazy or rude. I know they are teens but my teacher gets angry. My friends get more A than me.

    I get jealous, I feel worthless and stupid. I always question myself. “What’s the point studying and behaving when I get be grades?”

    I have anxiety and mild depression. My sister will teased, used me and laughs nd she says she gets better grades than me.

    I wish I get bette grades.


    • drgoldstein says:

      Your situation sounds too complicated for a simple response. Have you tried to obtain professional counseling. Someone speaking to you in person can help you figure out what is interfering with your ability to be happier. Best wishes and thank you for reaching out.

      • I did but they didn’t help much. Since I have anxiety and mild depression, it blinds my judgement of my grades.

        I mention I get average grades but I feel not satisfied. I feel like I need to do better cause my friends get better grades.

        Plus my school counsellor said my conditions are excuse and I want attention.

        I got angry I told them no I have Anixety, depression and Aspergers and I can’t help it but good news though is my English teacher offered me a professional tutor to help my English and offer me a mental health nurse to help my negative thoughts

  5. Mila says:

    I am currently a freshman in high school. I have always had the best of grades, except in math. In 4th grade, we took math placement tests, and I got horrible test anxiety, causing me to do bad on the test and placing me in the lowest class. I was able to move up a class, but ever since I have had this misconception in my had that I am horrible at math. In middle school, I got one B in math in the 7th grade, mainly because I had a bad teacher who could not explain the material very well. In 8th grade, I had a wonderful teacher that really helped me understand the content we were learning. But this year, I am taking an Algebra 2 Honors course and I got a B last semester. Same thing: all a’s, one b. My teacher is horrible and nobody can understand her teaching. I came from a lower math class so at the beginning, so the review for many last semester was completely new to me. This misconception I have really messes me up on my tests and in general, because I always expect to do bad on everything in math. I need to get rid of this misconception but I have been trying and I don’t know what to do. I also need help with my test anxiety, because many times I will completely freeze. I know hat I am smart and that I know these things, but the anxiety is ruining my life.

  6. David says:

    Hi my names David I’m 12 almost 13 but my teachers are all mean to me I picked up depression early December and it hasnt left I had As and Bs now I have Fs and its hard I was put in in school suspension for 5 out of my 7hours for being really sick what do I do my mom try’s and I don’t have a dad but she doesn’t understand does anyone just get that felling when no one wants you anymore I feel trapped help me please… please i feel like I’m not alive and all the time my world gets worse and worse please someone help me through this

    • Coby says:

      Hello david i feel like i have no idea the scale of this situation but i just wanted to say that i feel for you and i hope the best for you i myself do not have very many friends and i always was the outcast in social affairs i also want you to know that the world isnt bleak and if you need to talk i can try to reach out to you and so you know you are not alone i am here for you

    • k.t.r. says:

      Hi David, I’m not a doctor or anything but I do truly feel sorry for you so hopefully you can see this message. I’m so sorry to hear about what a rough time you are having. I think that if you can know that your life definitely WILL get better, you will be able to gradually move past this really rough time. I completely understand where you’re coming from with the feeling of no one wanting you–if you have some relatively close friends, I would really suggest taking advantage of that because simple friendships can improve mental health more than people think. To get out of your rough patch, you could also pick up a new hobby or sport like tennis or start volunteering somewhere because it gives people a sense of purpose which is very important at this age in my opinion. I truly hope your situation gets better soon, and don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s anything else I might’ve missed or something. :)

  7. Person says:

    Hi, I’m 15 nearly 16 and currently a junior in High School. Ever since I was little my parents have pushed education above alllllll else. Nothing comes before it. In elementary and middle school I only got one B, ever! And it was in 7th grade PE. I know that even for something that insignificant my parents, especially my dad, were angry.

    Freshman Year hits, and I get 4 B’s in the year. My parents were were angry and of course gave me some sort of punishment but never anything too extreme since they knew i still had time I guess. Sophomore year, I got 7 B’s and my dad is angry as ever, ruining this past summer due to his temperament which eventually he fixed but still had all the punishments. This past semester I made it my goal to get all A’s, since my parents themselves told me that I needed to get not a single more B or so help me God my life is over and i won’t get in anywhere. They had faith in me. On top of thousands for tutors they spent another $4k for sat prep this past semester, getting my sat from a 1420 to a 1520. Still, not enough for my dad who made me retake it and again, 1520. He was already angry about that and extremely disappointed. However he still had faith in my grades. A week ago I told him that I got theee A’s, all 3 in my AP classes, and 3 B’s.

    He was livid. He cursed me, yelled and yelled and screamed and punched me several times on my arm to emphasize his anger. He disowned me, and told me I no longer had a father, that i should consider him dead. He told me how much he had sacrificed and how much he had expected and how royally I had failed him, and how my entire life was f**ked. He hates me for disappointing him so terribly. He calls me names and believes that i am not focused enough on school since I recently picked up a hobby of collecting designer shoes and reselling then, which in all honesty takes up maybe 2 hours of time per week. I ceased to play any video games, watch tv, or even hang with my friends in the pursuit of getting all A’s. I figured that putting myself through hell for just a year and a half more is worth it in the long run. But i failed. It didn’t turn out how i even expected it to despite me trying my hardest. But my dad thinks I didn’t. I know I did.

    This past week I have been more depressed than ever, and I got the flu as well which may have happened due to my weakened immune system from the anxiety. I have been at home all week from the illness and have not spoken a word to my dad or even seen him since that day. My mom tries to comfort me but i reject it. I feel like what he says is true and that I ruined my life. I don’t know what to do.

    • Linda says:

      You appear to be a very mature, strong and determined person. I would be extremely happy and proud to have a son or daughter like you. It sounds like you have done everything possible to get the grades your father wants you to get and still he is not satisfied. I’m sorry but it appears the problem is not you, it is him. Why, I don’t know. Perhaps he is living his life through you for grades, goals or jobs he himself was never able to attain. Perhaps it’s something else but whatever it is, it is not your fault. He doesn’t realize what a blessing you are. Keep doing your best for yourself. With your intellect and strength you will go far. Believe me. If there is someone you can talk to at school, church, counselor, etc. about your situation, please do so. You are a great kid and will continually be in my prayers.

    • Karen Hollis says:

      I am a mom, and I am sorry that your dad is acting this way towards you. Sometimes, parents are angry at themselves for failing in their own lives. You are both your mom and your dad’s DNA, so your dad takes it personally when you don’t live up to his expectations. Open up to your mom, or your school counselor, and above all don’t give up! You have a bright future ahead of you, and your dad no doubt wants the very best life has to offer for you. He just doesn’t have the emotional skills to show it. When you become a parent you are not given a manual on how to be a good parent, so you parent the way your parent’s did. Maybe your father’s father was like this to him. You are an amazing person. Don’t give up. Take a deep breath and know you are loved. All the best, Karen

    • Concerned Educator says:

      Dear Person,

      Have you seeked advice from your school counselor? Your dad did not handle the situation correctly. When kids fail to live up to our expectations, it’s NEVER okay for us to verbally and physically abuse them. It is not okay. You seemed to do all that you could to accomplish the grades that you received. You will most definitely get into college with the grades you stated. Please seek counseling so that you can continue to successfully move on emotionally and educationally. You are a great student on the road to success (you have the grades to show it). You’re life is NOT ruined. Again, please seek help from your school counselor.

    • HS says:

      I am heartened by your situation. I am a father, love my son and probably facing same situation your father facing with you and sometime I lose it. Hope my son does everything he can do while having fun in life. I love for him to have a conversation with me and explain to me his problems like focusing or any other issues he might be going through in teen years.

      I suggest you have a heart to heart conversation with dad. Your father loves you, all parents do. If you have to be a bigger man in the conversation, so be it in order to get through to your dad. Tell him clearly that you are doing everything you can do to satisfy him, even sacrificing teen years fun and in return ask him to trust you and let you have your own fun. Tell him you are not him, what you are not achieving in high school, you would still be achieve in college and later. School is not supposed to be remembered as funnest time you ever had.

  8. vl says:

    im a freshman in high school and i go to a particularly competitive school district. it really scares me because i have adhd but i take a lot of honors classes im doing relatively ok (As and Bs) in them but in math i am failing. my mom is a math major and she always is yelling at me how i had completely missed the gene. its just that I have really bad test anxiety and thats the only reason why im failing. and its really stressing me out because i have to do really well in this course to do chem honors. and when i get stressed, i stress eat. ugh. not only that, i swim competitively and that gives me a lack of practice in math and im alway sleep deprived, i really usually have never felt stress, but now after the winter break, it has hit me hard. even though i have adhd i take all the classes that my very smart classmates take and it is sometimes very hard for me to cope, but as a silver lining, im doing really well in biology honors, much better than i thought i would!

  9. Hope says:

    I am 14, as well as a middle schooler in 8th grade. I’m a fantastic student, but when I started to get bad grades it took a tole. I had been stressed and it seemed to be affecting my grades. A simple off balance of my claim is destroying my good grades. I feel stuck and unlogical. I feel as if I’m running in circles. I want to have friends and hang out, but when I do (which is once or twice a month about), it pulls me down. I feel as if something is wrong with me. I just don’t know what to do.

  10. Someone says:

    Hey everyone I am 13 years old and I am in 8 grade I have been so high grades before 8 grade umm I don’t know what happened I think it’s my depression and anxiety that has been driving me crazy I mean I used to get such good grades I used to study wholeheartedly and about 3-4 hours a day no kidding I was such such a brilliant student I never went to school without doing my homework or not preparing for a test or even an EXAM I used be such a happy kid now I am sad and lonely and depressed all the time and my family is really annoyed because of me they all call me “nalike” which means very stupid and not intelligent in Urdu because i am from Pakistan. I really don’t know what to do please help someone ……please……please

    • drgoldstein says:

      Please do ask your parents to get you some help. I am so sorry you are struggling so much.

    • Raani says:

      I fell your pain. In a Pakistani family, there is a lot of pressure on getting good grades etc. It’s important that you ask your parents to understand that you’re going through a difficult time, and that you need them to stop pressuring you. If that doesn’t work, just don’t talk to them about grades and school, unless they ask you directly. With that out of the way, as a formerly perfect student who’s experienced a grade dip, and has just broken out of it, what you really need to do is focus on yourself and find the things that make you happy. Also, taking time to meditate, pray or just anything remotely spiritual can help. Furthermore, take breaks when you study and don’t let the stress get to you. 8th grade is a formative year for you to learn how to study and take care of yourself. Colleges won’t see these grades anyway, so just relax and put forth your best. What I would onto that is to make sure that you sleep and eat well. Finally, try to keep a clean environment where you study and spend most of your time.

      Another thing I’d like to tell you. Your parents are only mocking you because they genuinely believe it will inspire you to be a better student, even though it isn’t. Try to understand where they’re coming from. They’re your parents and they love you, and they’re just worrying about your future.

      I hope this was helpful information.

    • Safa says:

      Me too! I am so stressed about this and Im Pakistani ugh

  11. Someone says:

    I’m 14, in ninth grade, and I’ve lost all motivation to study. I’m stupid. That’s the problem… all throughout middle school, I have studied and studied my heart out. I would study three days in advance for every test and quiz, and study for at least an hour each day. Now, I study (if I’m lucky) only one day before each test or quiz, and only thirty minutes or less. I’ve not studied at all for some important finals. For example, I didn’t bother to study for my biology, English, or music finals. My grades have been slipping from A’s to C’s and my parents are very mad at me. My mom obviously favors my sister over me and whenever she is angry, she lets it out on me while the rest of my family watches in amusement. I feel more like a pet or a toy than an actual member of the family. My parents often call me “stupid,” “lazy,” or “bratty,” and don’t listen to or care about my problems. My school operates by the 4 by 4 schedule, which means I have an average of 4 – 5 tests/quizzes per week. It has not been fun. I’m not even done with the first semester and I’ve lost all motivation to go on. I hate all the jobs and I don’t want to be anything when I grow up. I just want to draw. I don’t want to do anything else. I don’t really eat or drink and I have been having lots of trouble sleeping. My friends all live happy, normal lives and they have great relationships with their families. They have self-confidence and they are all smart and excel at academics. They are all smarter than me, Friend #2 is WAY better at drawing, Friend #3 is better at physical sports, Friends #4 and #5 are better at singing than me, and all the rest are more socially active and just more happy than I am. I’m not good at anything. I don’t excel in any area. I’m just a wallflower, someone you could pass in the halls. My name is generic, my face is plain, and I don’t really talk anymore at school. No one has noticed the subtle changes in me, and I am overlooked by all my friends, family, and teachers. Once, I tried to talk to this one boy who I thought was my friend, and I approached him. Before I even got the chance to say “hello,” he glared at me and said, “go back to your seat.” I really hate myself. I’m so stupid compared to everyone in all my classes. The worst thing of all is that my crush hates me also. Long story short, I was an idiot back in seventh grade. I didn’t know how to cope with my feelings and hurt a lot of people in the process of trying to recollect myself after the whole mess of sixth grade.
    No one is ever going to see this.
    Thank you.

    • drgoldstein says:

      You seem very self aware and can tell you are in trouble emotionally. I truly hope you can get help for yourself.

      • Jessica Bates says:

        Hi I transferred schools this year and the environment is really different. My old school had better teachers and a better program but the people were really terrible. My friends would always emotionally abuse me and I didn’t want to put up with it for another 4 years. Now I’m a 9th grader who’s taking junior classes but has bad grades so it’s basically useless. Anyways, now my grades are really bad. And by really bad I mean C’s and D’s and I’m probably gonna get kicked out of honors. And my parents are upset about this because they want me in honors and I don’t know what to do. I used to want to be a doctor so I tried really hard to get good grades but now I don’t know what I wanna be so I have no motivation whatsoever. Help.

        • drgoldstein says:

          I cannot help you online but I urge you to ask your parents to let you see some one for counseling so you can get the help you need.

      • Ryan says:

        I’m a freshman in high school and 14. It’s hard to stay motivated in school but the root of all of it is my severe procrastination. When I get an assignment that’s the last thing I want and to do when I get home so I don’t do any homework until 9-10 at night. I take heavy tests too lightly, I have the thought if I do bad I’ll bring my grade up later and deal with it later. And I bring up my grade by maybe 5 percent or so, usually leaves me in the 85 ish range. I think that’s acceptable but my parents want me to get a lot of a’s and them trying to push me does nothing. I got a 70 on a test and I can’t stop worrying about it. I just want to get more motivated, but something good 10+ years from now is hard to motivate myself with. So procrastination is the main problem but I’ve tried to stop so many times but never could for long and I’m tired of this.

    • Someone says:

      I feel the exact same way, I’m failing nearly all my classes and I have no motivation, it seems like nobody cares and all my teachers try their hardest to ruin my day. I’m also in the 9th grade struggling, don’t worry you aren’t the only one

    • ChephSteph says:

      I see this. You seem lost and need to find yourself. Keep your head up, little one.

  12. shayla Sharma says:

    bad grades= unsuccessful=bad college=bad life=bad job=poor
    Good grades=successful=good college=good life=good job=rich
    I want all the parents to read this article.Just because of these two lines parents are putting a lot of pressure on their kids but parents think that whatever they are doing is good but they are not aware of the negative effects.By doing this they are making their children think that they are worthless,useless,etc…….Sometimes the sole motivation of comparing your child to other children is to instigate competition in the child.but is this working for your child?No two children are the same have different talents,interests,etc….Practically speaking,parents can either build or break the confidence or self esteem of their child.So pls stop comparing your child to other children,stop pressurizing them,be aware of your child’s talent,encourage your child towards achieving whatever he/she wants to achieve.

  13. H.M.A says:

    Hi, I’m a junior in high school and like many people on here, my grades where really high till I entered high school. We moved houses the summer between grades 8 and 9, so I transferred schools. Now I’m in AS (1st part of A-level) and my grades are Bs on average, even though I studied as hard as I can. I may be depressed since I feel bad whenever my parents tell me they only accept As. I don’t use drugs or alcohol, not in a romantic relationship and don’t have crushes.

  14. aseel says:

    My mother always takes my phone away for no reason. Even if i try to talk to her we always end up with a fight i am a 7th grader i got a phone when i was in 5th grade since then she would always take it from me . when i get my phone back during the weekends i open my phone then i have more than 5,000 messages no joke then i try to read them all at the same time we have a family group i have to do the same thing i try really hard to get my phone back my grades are really good i pray i teach my brother ONCE I GOT 17 OUT OF 20 in a math test all the girls in my class failed they got 11 and 3 i got a 17 the highest 17 out of 2o is a C my friends got a F .I think i well end up in the principal’s office to tell her about my problem i really hate it has been going for more than 3 years. i try to explain to her my feeling try to tell her why does she take my phone? She would never say why IDK why. We have a group chat of me and my friends they would all chat except me i would be quite in the lunch time because i don’t know what are they talking about. in Thursday we go to my mom’s grandmothers house all i would do is chat so i can keep up with my friends .SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME I DO EVERYTHING GOOD AND EVEN BETTER MY BTOTHER HE IS IN 3RD GRADE AND IS GRADES ARE LOW AND HE HAS HIS PHONE BUT ME NO .i would come home and study he would go out and play and study in the last minutes. My mom comes home late from work. I do try to let her relaxed before i talk. i can’t sleep at night like its 2017 YALLLLL . i try to earn her trust but she does not except it if i told her mom I GOT A FULL MARK IN THE MATH TEST SHE WOULD SAY “UMM REALLY YOU NOW HOW I WORK SO LET THE TEACHER GIVE ME A PAPER TO SEE HOW YOU GOT IN THE TEST ” . I AM IN MIDDLE SCHOOL I AM EMMBARESD TO ASK THE TEACHER CAN YOU WRITE FOR MEA NOTE SHE SAYS NO YOU HAVE SKYWARD( APP TO SEE OUR GRADES) .even in elementary 6th grade the same thing happened she tells me no this year is different its middle school -_-_-_-_-. . There is nit trust with me and my mom help me please

    • Anonymus says:

      Even though i have a similar problem, and i’m in 7th grade as well, my advice would be to either get a person to confide(full trust) in or get a psyciatrist, like i do for deppresion, for help.

  15. John says:

    I’m a sophomore and my parents just got divorced. lately my grades have been slipping and I think part of it is my add.I just forget to do certain things and the next thing i know i’m failing a class. any suggestions?

    • JJ says:

      Take slow, even deep breaths. If you know the answer or don’t want to forget something, write it down someplace like a notebook, for instance. Try reading instructions twice or more times. Try listening to music to help you focus (it doesn’t have to be the regular music that you listen to, maybe classical will suit you better). Have you talked to guidance counselors or teachers about ways to better yourself?

    • Rachael says:

      Get an assignment book or extra notebook to write your assignments in. I write down the class and the homework for the class next to it. Then as I get the assignments done I cross them off. For tests or long term assignments I write them in the assignment book and when I get home write them on a white board in my room. It helps me remember

    • Harleigh says:

      John, I understand how you’re feeling. I’m a junior in high school, and my parents got divorced this summer, and are still fighting for custody.

      Divorce is a big life changer.

      Personally, I find that I often overwhelm myself with thoughts about the future, and my grades, and sports, and the future.

      I’m not going to put it lightly, I’m very depressed. I’ve lost a lot of motivation these past few months and my grades are suffering greatly.

      I don’t think that I’ve any right to give you any sort of advice, because honestly, I’m struggling too.

      I just wanted to let you know, that although it might seem hopeless right now, the best thing I can tell you that things get a whole lot easier when you think “I want to do my homework, or I will study for that test” Instead of “I’m not smart enough to do that, or I cant do the homework, or I don’t want to study for that test”

      That’s really all I can say.

      It’s helped me.

      • John says:

        Harleigh, Thanks for your advice. I’m sorry to hear what happened in your family. I know how it sucks, but my parents went through the divorce kinda peacefully ( can they be peaceful in a divorce?), and now they seem to get along now. I guess time does heal.

    • Faith says:

      Hi John,
      I’m a junior and I also have ADD. Something that helps me a lot is setting reminders for myself on my phone for assignments. But sometimes, it’s hard to focus on those assignments even when I do remember them. When that happens,I put myself in a quiet space with headphones and my favorite music on an automatic playlist. Try to do work like that. By putting yourself in a quiet space, you limit outside distractions, and with the music on an automatic playlist, you don’t have to stop every two minutes to change the song. Also the music gives your brain a background task so that brings chances of distraction even lower. Of course, the music should be something that you can study to.

  16. Yuri Gomez says:

    Im a senior in high school and I have had academic troubles since my sophomore year of high school. I had always excelled in school but as I got older taking tests became harder for me. I would understand a concept at times but forget during the test. Due to this my grades have dropped. I told myself I would improve in my senior year so that colleges see that I was motivated until the end but my math and science class are getting harder and harder. My grades are extremely low no matter how hard I try. I study for hours and I don’t see improvement. Whenever I’ve tried to speak with my teachers they like to settle things fast in order to keep working on whatever they’re doing so I can never get much help. I have been very stressed out for several years to the point where I can’t seem to have a positive outlook in life. I’ve developed insecurities throughout the years and has led me to become unconfident in myself and my appearance. I try to stay positive but it keeps getting harder and I have a sense of nervousness all the time that never goes away. I keep thinking about the future and I’m scared that I’ll never be successful and won’t get my dream job. My thoughts drive me crazy sometimes and I just want to be calm and relax but I always have something to worry about. I dread school so much that I have thought about every possible thing to get out of it. Science and math are my biggest worries and I know my parents expect me to reach good grades. Since I’m first generation to attend college and their only child I feel pressured all the time and don’t want to disappoint them. I dpn’t want to tell them that I have been feeling sad for several years because I’ve dropped hints but they don’t really believe in mental health since being sad is just temporary. I love them dearly but sometimes I feel like they don’t get me. I can’t live in peace having to worry every single day about my grades and my future. I don’t know what to do because I can’t talk to anybody about my problems due to my shyness.

    • Pham says:

      While I may be a little late let me offer you some advice. I’m in my junior year of high school and I have been taking an AP psychology class and they you are studying is not efficient. It is better if you do space studying which is studying for a certain period of time then stopping for maybe 5 min and return to your work. Make sure not to spend to much time on one subject as well. Another to improve your memory is by testing yourself this is known as the testing effect which is basically when you test yourself you are retrieving the information from your brain helping you remember more which is super helpful. This will definitely help you remember those math equations. Now for your insecurities, I would suggest that if you need to take a day or two off from the world by just relaxing maybe on the weekend when you get no homework, and just think about life for a little. Remember no one expects more than you than yourself and I can tell from your comment that your a great person, so try not to let these things put you down. I really hoped this helps!

  17. Sam says:

    I have recently moved in with my father to a new country because of work, being a really good student, I applied for the English program, then stress overcame me as it was very damaging for my mental health and moved to a normal high school. Being almost a beginner at the language, I feel extremely bad due to scoring bad grades when the test is an essay because my grammar is just inexistent. I moved to get away from feeling guilty about scoring a 9 out of a 10 GPA but now I got a test where I scored a 7. That’s the lowest I could ever get to and it hit me really hard especially due to my parents expectations and my expectations for myself

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am a freshman in high school. I had great grades in middle school but am really struggling in high school. It is really not going well. My parents will be so mad if I don’t do well. I will also be very mad at myself. What do I do? Help me.

  19. Kiara says:

    I am in 10th grade and the topper of all subjects in my grade,but I recently took a test at my coaching among 300 other students in which I have scored horribly. We usually have a test every Sunday morning and this was no different, in fact, I have topped most of these tests, but in the last one, I could not solve 50% of the mathematics section due to lack of time. As a result, I will be scoring a maximum of 15 out of 30 marks in the test. My math teacher is very strict but that has never affected my performance. He will most likely show us our answersheets tomorrow and I am very scared. I have never been so embarrassed or nervous ever before. I have never been so open on any kind of social media but this was the first case of me being so nervous. I discussed it with my parents and they #think# that scoring low in a minor test should #not# affect me #and# that scoring low once is no big deal; I always do take their advice and it works but this time I have lost all my confidence. I have never been so nervous about the results of a test or even my major exams. I am not sure if I will be able to confront my teacher tomorrow. Please suggest something that I should do to come back to my normal confidence level.

  20. May says:

    Hello I am May, 15 years-old girl. I don’t like school, I don’t take examination seriously and I don’t even care about it. That’s because I lack of motivation to put hard effort into it. However I always get top rank and perform very well. Still, i’m unmotivated to study. I dont really know how to put this but, today i got my mid-year test result. It was the worst result I’d ever get. Strangely, I am very excited and couldn’t stop grinning all the day. I thought it is nice to get poor grades since I never experience it even once in my both primary school and middle school. Now I become more motivated to do well for the next examination. Is that weird? In my opinion as a student myself, the school syllabus is boring and not challenging enough. I hate group work, lazy to finish my homework, don’t focus in class – I do rather doodling when teacher is explaining in front of class. I ask a lot, a lot of questions because the explanation is not detail enough for me. So after class ended, I ask the teacher and the answer I get is “you will learn the details next year in senior high school” I am so curious and have to find the details on internet. My classmates couldn’t understand why I’m always question the teachers. The way they think with mine is too different. Lastly, I don’t think the tasks given by teachers are helping me in learning. This is problematic for me. I don’t know what to do anymore. That’s why i don’t do the tasks. I can’t see the benefit of finishing them. Why am I like this?Once I confess my problems to my homeroom teacher, she said I’m gifted but I don’t think so. Seems like she couldn’t help me.Hopefully you would advise me to solve my problems.

  21. Mak Noy says:

    Hi, my name is Mak Noy, and I looked at your wonderful website,I am 12 year old. I am one of those students who get really good grades and today I got a stream of horrid grades. I don’t like following what the other kids do, but I don’t know how to fair being a loner, because most of the boys my age are naughty. sometimes I feel quite alone in adolescence, I try to talk to my parents, but sometimes it doesn’t work out… and I few days ago, I had an anti-cupid falling out with a girl… I feel like my world is falling apart.. and I don’t know what to do.

    • It is so difficult to be different. I hope you can find some supportive friends who have similar values to you.

      • Jennifer says:

        It may be difficult to stand out. But it is definitely worth it. By being yourself you get to express and feel whatever you feel without making a facade which is much harder to do(from experience). Besides I believe standing out and being authentic is more beautiful than just making an attempt to fit in. Don’t let the haters make the rules for you

  22. Scott says:

    Hi, my name is Scott. I’m currently a junior, only just 2 weeks out from finals. During my time in elementary, I was held back one year by my mother due to “tuitional circumstances” brought on by this private school I was being enrolled into. I was always an incredible student prior, and I still held up for a number of years since; however despite still staying on top of my grades “post-flunk”, I was never able to fully recover from what had happened as it continued to eat at me more and more throughout the years. Around 7th grade when I finally left the school, I transferred to a charter school which supposedly was the best in my area, little did I know how bad of a school it actually was.
    I then started a long trend of bad grades since, and it still continues to this day, although there have been many who have done far worst than me, my grades are still below avg nontheless.

    My motivation to get into a good college led me to wanting to apply for AP, the teachers all saw potential within me; however unfortunately I was disillusioned when I found out none of them recommended me, hurting my motivation and ultimately my performance within junior year. I’m still trying nonetheless, but I don’t have much hope for amazing start to my future that I was dreaming for.

    • You sound like you have a lot of talent and drive. This is a setback but you are likely to have many other opportunities to excel. When when avenue of progress is closed, just look for other ones.

  23. Deanne says:

    I am a parent of a teenage girl who is struggling as of this year. She has never loved school but was maintaining nearly a 3.0 prior to her junior year. Some failed friendships and a very difficult course load have caused her to do very poorly this year both with academics and making positive decisions for herself. We’ve tried grounding, taking her phone, car, etc. She finally started doing better in the third quarter and then everything suddenly dropped off in the fourth quarter. Out of sheer frustration I have been coming down on her very hard thinking I could just force her to do better. She is seeing a counselor but she hasn’t made a connection with her and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I wanted to thank all of the students who posted their struggles here. It has moved me to tears. I don’t want to make my daughter feel even more hopeless because of the way I am reacting. She has never been very open with me and after reading all of these comments I imagine that she is feeling just as bad as all of these kids. I want to do whatever I can to help her. Thanks to all of you and to Dr. Goldstein for helping me to understand more about my daughter’s struggles. I hope for the best for all of the students who posted here!

  24. Sam says:

    Hi! I am a 15 year old 10th grade student. I study the IGCSE board, which I am led to believe is more difficult than the rest. My grades starting dropping in 9th, and I had been at the top of my class before. I was also a winner at all extra curriculars. I feel that everyone expects to much from me, although no one has openly said as much. I talked to my parents, who took the matter further to talk with the school counsellor. She did not provide us with as much aid as I had thought she would.In my junior classes, school studies interested me a lot, especially sciences. Now i don’t care about the grades I get, but I am just afraid of what my parents will say. I am also someone to whom everyone talks about their problems( I am referring to my friends), but I feel as though no one is there to help me when i require help. I feel as though everyone assumes everything will be alright with me, and I am tired of being unable to meet my previous standards. It may be due to the metaphorical mask I put up everydayI also did plan for my future university admissions and took into account all best ones. Now I am afraid I would be unable to get into one. I am a first child, and thus i feel if i take the matter too far my parents will start questioning their own parenting I haven’t resorted to self-harm till date, but I don’t know what to do. Nothing interests me, all I feel like doing is sitting in one corner by myself. Please help me.

    • Your feelings are not the fault of your parents or even you, it is just how you feel. I hope you find someone helpful so that you can determine how to get your life back on track. School counselors have limited time to help, seek a professional psychologist.

  25. David says:

    I’ve always gotten great grades. Since middle school even. But now as I enter high school, I’ve had a horrendous drop. I never tried to talk to my parents about it, I’ve even gone to the extent of hiding it from myself and my parents. But now they are punishing me by taking everything away. My bad grades make me feel less and less motivated. I get angry at them bensure they don’t understand that my classes are hard, and I’m also angry that my mother did not graduate and my dad never went to college. Now that they are ready to take my videogames and phone. I feel as if I lost motivation to do anything at all. My classes are honors and advanced. I’m just so upset with the way they deal with my grades, they just tell me to improve. They can’t even help because the math and other subjects are so advanced. I feel like I’m in a hole. And part of me wants to stay that way I guess. It’s not that I want to die. It’s just that I think life doesn’t have much meaning, we live and then we die. We won’t be remembered. And those thoughts go through my head a lot. Am I wrong in thinking those that my parents shouldn’t just tell me to improve? Is there punishment applicable?

    • You are right. Punishment does not help. Your grades have dropped because of hoe depressed and unmotivated you feel, not because you are obstinate and defiant. I’m sorry for your struggles and that you don’t find your parents supportive. Are there any other trusted adults in your life?

      • Jason says:

        I know this was posted a while ago but I just want to tell you David that I feel the same way. I’m in honors as well (In 7th grade though) and all throughout elementary school my grades were straight A’s or A’s and B’s. Then middle school came and my grades just dropped. I started getting D’s C’s and B’s and usually only an A in Math. I used to be a very sociable, happy, Straight A student but now I’m awful at talking to anyone even my own friends, I feel very stressed about school and my social life, I’m not that motivated to do my homework or study and my grades have never been worse than this. Part of it might have to do with me and my parents moving to another state in 4th grade since I was very happy where I lived, I had a group of friends I was happy with, I was the goalie of my Soccer team and not to toot my own horn but I wasn’t that bad, and I had straight A’s or A’s and B’s but I never got lower than that on a report card/progress report card, but it’s been about 2.5 years since I moved and I should probably be over it by now. I just wanted to get all of that off my chest and so you know you’re not alone.

  26. Madison says:

    Hi, I am a Freshman in highschool and I used to be an ecstatic, hyper kid all through school and then in 7th grade my grades began to drop and as I got closer to highschool my GPA has crashed. I wanted to go to college, but now I am not even sure I have the confidence to try. Although I try hard, my parents think I’m just too lazy which I also think is a factor. I admit to having suicidal thoughts and at times I’ve almost acted upon them. Sometimes I question if these things are normal because of the humor that goes around, but I am not exactly sure.

    • Nothing funny or normal about suicidal things thoughts. Please ask your parents to find help for you with a psychologist. If you aren’t comfortable with the first person, try someone else.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hello. I’ve been the best in high school, since the begging of it. I’m in final year. Never had a grade under A, but now, I’ve been getting B’s, and I maybe get a C, or worse in maths. All of those tests were easy, I don’t know what is going on with me. I can’t sleep now at nights, and also, to make thins worse, I think I have a little crush on someone from my class. I don’t know how to get my focus back. It’s absolutely embarrassing to get bellow A, last 3 years, never had a bad grade in maths. Now I am. Going to 2 competitions, in maths and informatics. I think I’m getting really depressed. I can’t talk to anyone. I just keep drinking coffee. From best student, to someone who is not. How to deal with that? I don’t want to talk to professor/psychologist or someone like that. Thanks for reading.

  28. Cam says:

    Im in 8th grade, and Ive done pretty bad in Math, Ive failed one exam and missed the other due to me suffering from pneumonia. I was in the hospital on the day of the examination and it was my chance to try to make things better. My father, keeps yelling at me about it, Whenever Im happy, he thinks I dont care about it, and when Im quiet and alone, its the same thing only thing he sometimes sees im stressed too. There might be a retest for me, and I do study during my break but it just never seems enough to him. Maybe for a bit I might be off the book, but he thinks Im not doing a thing. I cant talk to anyone because Im afraid there would be a fight, which I know. Or they might blame me. Theres none of relatives here either. I just feel like ending it all here, because Im tired of being such a disappointment. Im tired of doing and that no one notices. But part of me just cant get myself to something like that. Please help? Im tired of feeling hopeless. Nothing seems to motivate me because I know it wont help. Talking to friends help, but I just get lost and distant again.

  29. C white says:

    I am the parent of a 14.5 y.o girl in 8th grade. She has always gotten a’s (labeled gifted in several subjects). But this year, her grades have dropped.
    Math which she has never struggled in (now taking Algebra) is struggling to keep a C average…
    Language arts went from an A to an F in 3 quarters.

    I know you say it’s rare they deliberately sabotage, but I feel she is. First she had the honor (she didn’t feel it was) to be eligible for Jr. Achievement. She was mad the whole time at the ceremony because we made her do it That was last year 2016. So that’s why I feel she is. And this year she has become extremely social with a pair of twins (also girls). Who are nice, but are involved in risky behavior (ie: making prank phone calls, taking pictures of teachers and sending them back and forth to each other)
    None of those friends are in any of her advanced classes…. I feel like she is deliberately sabotaging herself to be more on their level.

    And she has already filled out her schedule for next year which is AP classes, so this is my concern.
    Thank you for any feedback

    • The question is how do you try to confront the problems. Anger and punishment don’t tend to work at this stage, driving kids more away from their parents. Tell her of your worry and concern. Approaching the problem that way may help.

  30. Lizay says:

    Hello. I am an 9th grade student. Since 8th grade I had been doing quite well in my studies. I was an A student. After that I had some major family issue. My parent and abusive father and all. I used to have a really good relation with my mother. Now I almost hate hr. After the big mishap she had became distant. She forced me to be perfect. I tried to talk to her to tell her my worries but she always scoffed and glared at me for thinking that way. She became more distant. I started to loathe her. She always criticize me. Even now. I still tried to connect with her again. Now she is a successful business women. She doesn’t really helps me. My social life also became pitiful. I tried to commit suicide but wasn’t able to. When my mother found out I thought she would comfort me and ask what was my problem. But she just said “Are you out of your mind? You still have to become perfect! You are good for nothing! You disappoint me! All i even did was ‘love’ you1 Grow up!” were her exact words. I cant help but hate her now. Now my grades have dropped badly. I cant seemed to find any goal. I just don’t care. I hacve become tired of being perfect. help me.

    • Saranya says:

      I know this is late, but I hope you get this message: it’s not your fault AT ALL. No one is perfect, and everyone has different skills. What your mom is trying to do is make you into someone you aren’t. Many people face this problem. Try confronting your mom, and be as open as you can when you talk to her, Tell her exactly what you told us in your comment. Tell her that you don’t want to keep up a facade of being perfect, and you just want to be yourself. Tell her that her obsession to make you “perfect” has lead you to become depressed and stressed. Tell her that her way of “loving” you has led you to become depressed, and if she keeps on “loving” you like that, you don’t want to be her son/daughter anymore. Try being as open as possible.

      If you have any updates on what’s happening with you and your mom, please share them with us, and we can try helping you with your situation. We’re rooting for you!

      Good luck,

  31. Layla says:

    Hi! I am a junior who is in the top 10 of my class. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for quite some time, but have been able to control and suppress them up until recently. Recently, I experienced a traumatic event, which has intensified my anxiety and depression. I have always been an excellent, high-achieving student, but now I find it hard to even get my homework done and spend most of my time when I’m not in school (when I’m at home) resting and sleeping because I feel so fatigued, or trying to distract myself from negative thoughts that seem to fill my mind when I try to do homework.

    I have severe trust issues and find it hard to see a doctor (therapist), or even talk to my counselor or school psychologist, about it. I believe it is very important for me to have a connection with someone as I talk about my thoughts to them. As a result, I have mainly been relying on my close friends for support, as some of them have also struggled with either one or both of my conditions. I have notified my teachers about my struggles, asking them to be patient as I try my best with school, and I have received positive feedback from most of them (one teacher whom I thought would provide the most support to me still hasn’t approached me about my situation after I sent the notifications out, which was several weeks ago). However, I feel horrible and embarrassed about my grades and performance at the moment, to the point where I have avoided checking my grades for the past two or so weeks while I used to check them at least two or three times a day. Although I can’t seem to complete my homework at home, I still try my best at school during classes, actively participating in class-activities, discussions, and lectures.

    I have brought up my depression and anxiety to one of my parents, but he/she tells me that everyone gets extremely sad/depressed at one point in their life, and that I am just going through a sad phase. The problem is, depression doesn’t affect everyone, and I know I’m not just going through a common “sad phase” for various reasons. I was hoping to ask my parent to take me to see a therapist, but seeing how much they understand my condition and for other private reasons, I don’t think I will be able to get their support for that. My other parent simply doesn’t know that I have these conditions, and I would like him/her to focus on his/her work since he/she is the main provider of the family. One of my friends state that another option could be for me to go to my counselor and ask if I could contact a therapist without parental consent, but my counselor doesn’t know I’m going through these conditions and I do not feel comfortable telling her about it. I am afraid that she will tell me that I will have to drop classes because I can’t seem to handle my rigorous school schedule (I have four AP classes). I know I can handle my classes, but I can’t perform as well as I can anymore this school year because of how I’m feeling. I can’t be expected to perform at the same level as when I was feeling better. I have also talked to my school psychologist, but I did not feel a connection with her, and she did not offer as much help as I hoped.

    I realize that you will most likely say that I should see a professional about my situation, but are there other alternatives to that? Could I resolve my grades issues with my classes without the help of a therapist? If so, how? I am worried that any grades less than an A would bring my GPA down, thus pulling me back in the class rankings, which I have worked so hard for before this situation happened. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Yes, your issues with grades could be helped by seeing a psychologist and figuring out why you are struggling these days. If necessary, try a few to find someone with whom you feel comfortable. There are also support boards online that might be helpful if you are too uncomfortable to speak in person. Search for depression support online.

  32. Josh says:

    I’m 17 and in the 11th grade. My first in 7th grade my grades were horrific. I used to be an academically stable student but now I’m bombing everything. I fail open note tests, if that helps any. I used to want to be a doctor but there is no way I can do that. Not any more. I feel like I have nothing left. I don’t want to see anyone like a psychologist. I just don’t know what else to do

  33. monika says:

    I used to be a girl who was always cheerful and excelled in both studies and extra curricular activities. now, i cant seem to find the motivation as i keep getting thoughts of how worthless and pathetic i am. i cant help it at all, im not able to concentrate on anything i do and nothing interests me. whenever i try to be happy, i get negative thoughts about myself. my school counselor told me to seek a psychotherapist but as of now, ive my exams and i dont have the time. there’s a drastic increase in the urge to self harm, the most i’ve gone without self harming is 5 days. i have no hope in life. worst thing is i can’t even see myself being happy. everyone thinks im a happy person but i guess im good at putting a mask on my face. i also feel very guilty ’cause i cant appreciate anything in my life and i feel like i dont deserve anything..

    • That certainly sounds like you are suffering from depression. Make time to seek help. Self harm is a serious sign of trouble. Please get professional help.
      Dr. Robin Goldstein

  34. Alexis says:

    A couple of school and wellness counselors and social workers have diagnosed me as depressed. I’ve been this way for the past four years since I moved. I’m now in tenth grade. I received a mix of B’s and C’s in the first semester of freshman year, and a mix of c’s and d’s in the second. I transferred to a different school up north for a semester and I was separated from my family and got more depressed. The new school wasn’t as academically rigorous and I was bullied a bit. I was transferred to get my grades up, and they only slightly improved to a mix of A’s/B’s/ and three C’s.

    I’ve always been the smartest person in my class and seen as the “best” but the depression has ruined me. Not to mention I’m convinced I’m ADD, but my teachers can’t help because I haven’t been diagnosed and some of them treat me like I’m an idiot and think my twin sister is so much smarter than me. My parents have only just started seeing that my depression was a real problem and I wasn’t being lazy after years of telling me to snap out of it. I’ve always wanted to attend Princeton, and I thought I would’ve been perfect if I didn’t stray… but I’m worried it’s too late for me.

  35. Brishti says:

    I always had good grades but recently my grades are falling probably because too much addiction with anime and manga. This is my final year in high school and I have entrance exams too. I’m so depressed and sad. I feel like quitting my studies..I can’t concentrate any more. I want some valuable advices.

  36. Brishti says:

    I always had good grades but recently my grades r dropping perhaps due to too much addiction with anime and manga…so I am very depressed and nervous as it’s my final year in high school and I have entrance exams. I want some advice.

    • School is a very demanding time of life. It can be so difficult to maintain focus. It’s hard to see long term goals some times. Breaks are important, find the right balance.

  37. Nate says:

    I don’t even know why I feel like this. I’m getting anxious at even a 91 on my test. My parents do expect a lot from me, but that’s common. The problem is, I’m scared of what they are going to say. It doesn’t matter to me what kind of grades I get. I have always been called smart by people around me, expect my parents. They have never praised me and criticize even if I get a 99 in math. They themselves aren’t that intelligent. I have had many suicidal thoughts but I am too afraid to actually die. Can you please tell me why I feel like I am having a heart attack even when I get a 95? Why am I forging signatures when my grader are A’s? Why…

  38. Elise says:

    I am currently in 8th grade and having some trouble. I’m failing my writing class and my parents are furious. I’m constantly in fear of coming home and having them scream at me for the rest of the day, and I feel like at school and online with friends are the only places I can actually talk about it. My parents have continuously taken devices away, which along with the screaming haven’t helped my grades in any way. My parents tell me that my grade is unacceptable and that it’s disgusting, and that they ought to just take me out of the class altogether, and that just makes my feel worse about it all. I’m afraid to bring it up with my parents because I don’t want to get yelled at again, and I know that they will just brush it off and say that they’re doing what they “need to do” to help me succeed.

  39. Carrie says:

    I am in 6th grade and I failed Latin my parents keep telling me to get them pulled up and that only causes more stress and they said if I don’t pull them up they will make me drop out of cheerleading and that is the only thing I do thathink distracts me from my problems at home. I have had suicide thoughts and I just feel it piling and piling on my back.

    • If you are having suicidal thoughts it is essential that you seek professional help as soon as possible. Tell your parents or a school counselor or teacher that you need your help.

      Dr. Goldstein

  40. Gab says:

    Hey, Im in 8th grade and have always been an A student, but recently, my grades have been dropping. Im afraid to talk to any of my friends about my grades because theyll just say im overreacting, but I just got my first 2 in effort, something ive never gotten before. Im too ashamed to talk to my parents because they already know about my grades. Im really trying hard, even though nobody thinks it is enough. My parents philosophy is that if i get a bad grade and somebody else gets a good one, then getting a good grade is possible and they know i can do it. I just really dont know what to do. Im not thinking about suicide because thats not going to solve anything, and it is a selfish act. I really want to succeed and get into this one high school i really like. Im not in a relationship ( i have 1 friend with benefits tho) and a lot of my friends are depressed, but I dont know whats wrong. Im always the funniest person, and that gets me in trouble. Its not a conscious act, its just my personality. I have considered social isolation, but im not sure if thats going to help either. Please help me I dont know what to do.

  41. James says:

    I am struggling in High School and i’m a freshman.Sometimes I think my mom doesn’t understand how do I break it down to her without being disrespectful.

  42. Kat says:

    I’m doing bad in school, and I’m failing my french class, and having C’s in other classes. I want As and Bs. I might know why I’m not doing good in school, but I don’t know. I want to try to bring my grades up, but I find it hard and my grades keep getting worse. I think Technology distracts me from my work but like I said, I don’t know.

    • There are so many possibilities as to what can cause a good student to get poor grades so I can’t assess your personal situation. Counseling can help you figure out what is going on and what is causing the problem. Let your parents know you are concerned.

  43. Brittain says:

    Im in 6th grade and my gpa is 1.8 i have 3 U’s and ive been trying to get them up and ive been feeling sad and depressed and i just want help ;(

  44. Mareeha says:

    Hi I’m 13 and I got my math result with a percentage of 85, my goal was 90% and so were my parents because that’s how much I get everytime. The disappointment and guilt is taking over me and I can’t tell my parents or concentrate on my next exam. I am too pressured by my parents but they just don’t understand how do I concentrate on the next one?

    • Concentration doesn’t sound like the central problem-perfectionism does. That’s a lot of distress over a narrowly missed target. It’s great to have goals but not so good to make yourself miserable when you don’t reach them.

  45. Judy T. says:

    My girl is 11 yrs old, she’s been doing well in school, she’s a really smart kid. She always made honor roll, and she did for last quarter as well. But recently, she doesn’t turn in her classwork for some reasons, she’s done that to all of her classes. Because of those missing works, her average in most of classes now are high C and B, even though she did well on homework and tests. It seems like she’s scared of something or trying to get bad grade purposely to blend in with her friends, because she told me that her friends told her only nerds are smart, and she wants to be a “cool kid”. I even met all of her teachers because i really concern about her. I check her score thru school system everyday, so i know what she’s missing, and i talk to her about that. She seems really sorry every time, and has all “good” reasons why she didn’t turn them in, but i know she did that on purpose because it happens to all classes. There’s a few times, i had to remind her every day for 3 days for some projects, and she still didn’t turn them in because of this and that. She’s not like this. My husband and I tried all kind of things to encourage or ground her as punishment, but nothing is working. And the more i tried, i feel like there’s a bigger gap b/t us, and i don’t want that to happen.

    I don’t know what to do. Please advise!

  46. Danny says:

    Hi I’m a sophomore in highschool and I am currently taking 7 Pre-AP and AP courses. Up until now I have been making straight A’s but this year in Math I’m making C’s. I work hard and pay attention in class but It’s just not working out. It’s really affecting me to the point that I am beginning to feel a surge of anxiety every time someone mentions Math or school. I honestly don’t know what to do and I am hoping for some advice.

  47. Dave says:

    Hello, I am a 17 year old boy, I used to be since i was in grade 1 honor rolled and the first in class with the highest grades. And now that a new student came to my school, it appeared that he’s getting better grades than mine. And now i feel depressed because i used to get nice comments about my grades from teacher, parents, friends… And now all the attention is on him. It is not jealousy, i just feel so sad with no control of it.

    • Some commpetition is healthy, too much is not. Try not to make grades the centerpiece of your life-they are just part of who you are-and you are still an outstanding student. Luckily, the rest of life is rarely as clearly evaluated as school. Who is the best teacher or doctor or engineer. Let your parents know you still need their encouragement!

  48. Meghan says:

    Hi! I’m currently a sophomore in high school and I would really like some advice. I’m an honor student and I’m currently taking 1 AP and 3 honors classes. I usually get A’s in all my classes, but so far I’m getting 2 A’s (one’s a sport), 2 C’s, and 2 D’s. I’m really having a hard time. From things that go on at home, how I see myself in the future, and stress that comes from too much work, I’m not the person I used to be. I now have no interest in doing my school work, can’t focus on anything I do, procrastinate on every asssignment, skipping classes, and sleeping during class. Im also not turning in a lot of assignments. I’ve always loved school up until now and I don’t know why this is happening. My mom also gives me a hard time on my grades, as she knows how well I can do. I’ve just lost all my motivation to do well and couldn’t care less about what happens. Please help???????

    • This is certainly beyond the scope of an online email to address but I would encourage you to seek counseling. You definitely sound depressed and could benefit from professional help to sort out what is going wrong for you. Ask your parents to find a psychologist for you to talk to.

    • G says:

      I’m in the same boat. I’m taking 4 APs and 1 Honors course. I did well first quarter, but my grades dropped this quarter. I had all A’s and A+’s first quarter, but with my sport and club obligations, my grades started to drop to B’s and I feel like I just don’t care anymore. What I would advise you to do is to just try your best for the rest of the year: study hard and remind yourself that it’s not the end of the world; things will get better from there. The same thing happened to me during my sophomore year too: I stopped caring about my grades and doing homework. But I fixed up my schedule and stepped up to the plate to get my grades back in order. Sadly I have to do the same thing again this year. Best of luck to you Meghan.

  49. High school student says:

    I was always doing well in school until now. My grades have been slipping badly this year. I am currently a sophomore in high school. My parents are constantly yelling at me about my grades and it just adds to the stress and the way I feel. I go to a therapist who always gives me good tips for what is going on. My mom always says that the depression is not what is affecting your grades so don’t use that as an excuse. I have no motivation to do anything no matter how much I feel that I have to do. I am constantly stressing over grades and friends. Now I am just in a state where I want to give up. Sometimes I think of suicide but I don’t act on those thoughts because I always tell myself that it will get better even though I feel it isn’t. I always feel that my parents don’t really care what is going on with me. Other people in my life just don’t understand. It just makes it hard on me. I have trouble focusing in school. Sometimes i have to leave the room because of a panic attack or because I am going to cry. Everyone thinks that I am just not committed and they practically call me a failure and I just keep going cause I am hoping that it will all get better.

    • Try writing out your thoughts in letter or an email to your parents. Take some time. Wait a day or two and re-read and change what you’re saying. Sometimes that is a better way to get your points across than in the heat of a verbal confrontation. If you are having suicidal thoughts that is serious and if your parents won’t listen, speak to the school counselor or a local help line.

  50. michal says:

    im in grade 6 and ive always done really well at school.im always top three in my grade but today i got 73% for a math test. i was very dissapointed and upset and me and my teacher spoke about it but now my parents want to punish me. i am depressed and i already see a psychologist and i have tried to kill myself before .
    what should i do

  51. John says:

    I am 16 and currently a Junior in high school. My grades have been slowly slipping and have gone from a majority of A’s to a majority of high C’s. My parents blame it on videogames and claim I’m addicted (which I’m pretty sure that I’m not it’s just a hobby and a way to talk to friends), and punish me over and over again because of my grades. I have trouble staying motivated because of this and tend to just want to sleep or distract myself with videogames. I have tried to tell them how I feel and that punishing me is and has not been effective but is usually ends in arguments. Any advice?


    • Try showing them my article and see if that helps them to understand better. You can also try talking to another family member or trusted adult friend and ask them to help with your family. Try writing out your feelings in an email. Wait a day and re-read it and see if you got your points across well. That may avoid arguing with your parents.

      Hope things start improving for you.

  52. Victor says:

    Hello. I am 13 years old and currently in 8th grade. I am having trouble focusing on school and probably have a disorder of a sort. A couple months ago I have been contemplating suicide but of course, with the little sanity I have left, I can’t go through with it. my parents have sold every electronic I have, (Xbox, phone, tablet, laptop). I am typing this from my school computer, and I am worried about what is going to happen to me and my grades. Before my parents sold my electronics, my parents started taking away my electronics for small times, however it doesn’t work. I try taking away my electronics, which works, but i find other ways to get distracted. I am not doing any drugs, alcohol, or in a relationship (but do have a couple crushes).

    • I urge you to let your parents know how badly you are feeling and to find you professional help. If they are not supportive asking a teacher or counselor at school to help you talk to your parents. Please take good care of yourself and thank you for reaching out to me.

  53. Joseph says:

    Wow. This article pretty much explains my problem. I’m 17, a senior, and at this point, I’m in danger of failing. 260 credits is required, and since I’ve failed six classes, one more fail will prevent me from graduation. Romantic failures (I’ve been rejected pretty much every single time), along with failed friendships, kept sinking me lower and lower. Ironically, I was a 4.0 student back in middle school, but I never cared for romance, and I didn’t have friends or social life to speak of. Somehow, I was happier without the emotional attachment. I have no practical skills, all the skills I have are mental, like having a good memory or good observation skills. My parents constantly get on my case about grades and it just makes me feel worse. Plus, they get on my case when they didn’t graduate themselves. They pretty much forced me into taking all academic (and some upper class classes) in my first year, when I was made fun of for attempting to take Choir and Drama. Eventually, in my junior year, I just took those classes, and said who cares, but the damage was already done. I had no motivation (my skill set didn’t really give me any sort of merits for a job). I’ve been through many aspirations, but decided on detective, because I feel those are one of the few occupations that would fit me. But since I took inspiration from a fictional character to some degree, my parents will just make fun of me more. I always feel like I’m disappointing someone or I’m a failure or that someone will judge me for my choices in my life. The “easy way out” is a common thought, and I always have this feeling that I somehow deserve to be punished, like I’m always doing something wrong. I know I should probably go to a doctor, but I haven’t been to one since 2012, I have too many body insecurities (my body frame is feminine, I have acne, I’m underweight, and I’m pretty short at 5’8”). I’m pretty much stuck in this depressive rut.

  54. Tess says:

    I’m about to turn 17 in less than a week. I’m a junior in high school and I’ve never had drugs alcohol cigarettes or sex. I don’t have any crushes or social problems. The problem is my grades. I was a perfect student until I started middle school then I started getting D’s and C’s. My grades have been getting lower and lower since then. I failed my first class as a freshman and last year I failed at least a semesters worth.My parents have tried everything except physical punishment to get me back on track. And nothing works. I seem to have no motivation at all. I don’t have any goals in life and I don’t care much about anything. I got a job over the summer and got promoted to breakfast manager after 2 months and convinced my parents to let me home school so I’d have my mornings open and it might help me to get back on track. Well I have such bad grades that the school said I’m only accepted on a trial basis to see how I do and the trial is up this week and I’m about 2 week behind in all my online classes. And I basically just got demoted from breakfast manager when I switched go another store. I’m quitting and getting a new job to make my mom happy. I don’t mind I don’t really care where I work. But I’ve been thinking about just dropping out of school. Getting a full time job and living pay check to pay check. Getting a room mate something like that. I can’t focus and every time I make a plan on how to get the work done I can’t bring myself to do it. I have no motivation at all. I don’t want to die. Not at all. But I don’t care about life. I’m failing and it’s impossible to fix by now. My dad’s going to be furious. And everyone will think I’m just like my drug addict older sister. I need help so much. Please.

    • Thank you for contacting me. Please print a copy of my article and bring it to your father to help him understand that you need help, not criticism. With treatment I’m sure you can be back to feeling like your old self.

  55. Please do ask your parents to send you for counseling so you don’t continue to suffer this way.

  56. Sue says:

    My problem is very similar to you guys. In my entire life I had always been the honors student, I always gets the best grade and always tries to make my parents proud but since I was a teenager my grades are getting lower and lower and nothing I can do about it. The point is I feel like a failure and sometimes I even thinking about suicide, I never have enough energy to do anything, the only thing that I want to do is go to sleep.

    • Sue says:

      This was me. I was an honors student until high school. Our mother raised us by herself. She wasn’t able to do everything and work full time. When a kid hits junior high and high school, they need a ton of academic understanding and support to get through tough coursework without losing their sanity. I made some horrible grades in high school as well as early college. I put grades and education last behind my multiple part time jobs and friends and partying. By the time I hit 21 I suddenly realized if I didn’t want to work at the gas station and at the grocery store and fast food, I needed to graduate with a marketable degree. When I eventually put grades first, it changed my life. Nothing teaches a kid that academics are important like having multiple jobs they don’t want to do for the rest of their lives. Also, having an educated parent helps. I used my own education to supplement and assist my own kid and niece through their educations, and those two are doing fantastic! Their high school and college transcripts are flawless. And unlike myself at their age, they understand the importance of GPA’s and scholarships and dodging having student debt. But their academics have had a lot of support. I even FaceTime and skype to help long distance with the late night study sessions before big tests. Our kids are almost juniors in college now, still doing very well with school and GPA’s. They do work, but they understand that academics are their first job and priority and that if it comes down to it, they should quit any part time job if it means sacrificing their grades, until they graduate from university. Their jobs aren’t easy either! One is a fitness instructor, RA, and waitress in biology/pre-dental and the other is campus photographer in comp sci. But they definitely need support: emotional, mental, nutritional, financial, and academic support all throughout junior high, high school, and university. I encourage them constantly about getting rest and proper diet, exercise and supplements to maintain healthy bodies and minds. And you have to balance all that work with a little fun so you don’t get burned out! That’s my advice.

  57. Thora says:

    I believe this is true. Growing up I was a minority in my al white school district and I went from honor roll at my old school and having friends to having no friends, failing, acting out and getting pretty much only C’s up until I graduated. I was extremely depressed and did not believe my parents cared or took the time to even consider my feelings. I was punished, my mom beat me constantly and I was given a suck it up approach so what your called n**** and other stuff. I hated my parents and I hated the school as well. I wish my parents would of took the time out for me and considered alternatives.

  58. Shelby says:

    I’m almost 16 years old, next year I’ll be a senior in high school. I’m a girl, if that matters at all, and my dad constantly pressures me to get all A’s in school. On my freshman year, I got almost all A’s, I only got a couple B’s. In my sophomore year, things started to go downhill. I started getting C’s and even a D or two. I had developed depression and thoughts of suicide at the time, and my dad always yelling at me and taking away my electronics every time I got a bad grade, which was anything below an A to him, didn’t help at all. This year I am doing even worse, though I managed to pull out of my major depression. Every time he yells at me about my grades, I just sit there not saying anything unless he asks me a direct question. He’s never physically hurt me, but I’m just very scared to tell him that the punishments he keeps giving me aren’t working, and that I think the bad grades are punishment enough. I’ve wanted to even just give up on my grades, because I feel like a failure. I feel like he cares more about my grades than he cares about me.

    • I would certainly encourage you to at least try to talk to your father. You seem to have a good understanding of why your grades have gone downhill. Why don’t you try telling him? If he really is not able to be understanding and caring then you have to deal with it yourself and realize that you can’t win his approval but do what you need to do for you.

      I would also point out to him that his yelling does not help you to get better grades. He should be able to see that now. Try to help him see that you would like to be doing better yourself?

  59. M L says:

    My 13-year-old 8th grader, honors student, has started acting out (think “class clown”) over the last couple of months and his grades are slipping. He also received a negative citizenship grade in one class last quarter, and has become pretty absent minded about turning in homework. I don’t want to freak out but I’m very concerned. When I try to talk to him about it, he states that he has alot more friends now and I get the feeling he is assuming a “persona” to court popularity, and MIGHT even be doing less than his best work on homework and tests so he isn’t seen as a “nerd.” Any suggestions?? Grounding him doesn’t seem to work.

    • I agree, punishment would probably not be helpful in this situation. The essential thing is to keep the avenues of communication open. Keep trying to talk to him. express your concern and let him know that you are not judging him but that you are concerned about the changes that you are witnessing. Teenagers often put off their parents and act like they don’t want to talk but keep trying-your persistence may pay off

  60. Rimun says:

    I am in grade 8 and my O-levels are near but after changing school campuses and study style I, my grades have been falling. I try but due to lack of concentration(or so others say) I do not have the same grades as I used to.My tutor insults me about this and you know adds spices to the wounds.I feel like I will not be able to improve and get a good result in O-levels and will continue to be a burden my parents with everything(they never state it though, it is just my thoughts). My maths grades are bad and they do not seem to improve at all! I promise them I will do better next time but I can’t and end up breaking the promise which hurts me.
    P.S-I am not in drugs/alcohol nor do I have any crush or is in a relationship.

  61. Sukriti Dutta says:

    I am a high school student. I had been an excellent student all through my life but these two years have been horrible. I have been scoring average in math and english. I have been taking coachings but nothing works out for me. On top of that my parents ask me to be the topper but they don’t understand it’s hard in high school. I have not used drugs but i feel depressed a lot. My parents don’t care about my self harm habits even though they have seen my scars and my suicidal behavior. They don’t even let me visit a therapist. They think i am alright, but i am not. I don’t even have a school councillor. Thank you for this post. I can show this to them and talk it out

  62. Luke says:

    Is it normal that a parent seems to only care about grades? I’ll go from the start for you to actually feel me and my situation. I used to go to a school, in which everything was just so easy, the learning, I didn’t need to do homework, to study, and I still got good marks, usually 8-10 (that’s like a B-A I think). But then I had to switch schools, and I transefer to an “elite” school (that’s what they call themselves) and everything is just so much harder. SO. MUCH. HARDER. Even if I try really hard and learn, I still am not able to get similar results, to what I would be getting in my old school. Now to say, my mom freaks out if I get a 6 or a 7 (C) like I got an F. But I can’t get good marks if I’m not good at that subject, and that is most of the subjects, because, as I said, my previous school was not strict enough, I did not learn enough there, but my mom just doesn’t understand (doesn’t seem like she is trying to aswell). She thinks I’m a goddamn genius, getting straight 10’s or A’s, but I’m not, and she doesn’t give a single **** about that, that’s because she cares about the marks more than anything else. It doesn’t matter to her if I don’t like or I’m completely bad at it (like Russian, even though I know I will never need it in the future (if I have one)), she doesn’t see or care that I might be sad, angry, just depressed in general, nope, all about those marks. And just to rub it in just takes away my computer, tv and all that. Not expecting any replies right now, since this topic seems kind of forgotten and dead, but it felt nice to actually get all of that out of me since I have a very limited number of friends or people I can trust with this.

    • I wish parents understood beter that grades are a means to an end, not an end themselves. A little pressure is good, too much is destructive. One doesn’t need to be a genius or get straight A’s to succeed in life.

      Punishment can be useful when someone needs a nudge. Piling it on only depresses and discourages students. It also damages the relationship with the parent at an important time in life. Keep trying to talk to your mother. You sound like a thoughtful and intelligent person.

  63. TypicallyUsual says:

    This year has been especially hard for me. I don’t know what to do anymore. I don’t know how long I’ve had depression, but it’s just been getting increasingly worse. I probably also have a form of PTSD and anxiety. I find myself constantly contemplating suicide, although I’m not irrational enough to actually follow through with it. I used to be a straight A student in middle school, but my grades have just been dropping ever since high school started. I care so much, but can’t bring myself to care at the same time. I’m in my sophomore year now, and I just don’t remember how I used to be a good student anymore. My mom is constantly mad at me. Sometimes she’ll appear to care, and at others she’ll be screaming at how I am basically a failure, and that it’s my own fault, and that there are so many kids who can do well despite the pressure. We’ve been through some tough times with my dad, and still are just trying to sort things out. She also has a lot of things on her mind. Sometimes, I want to help, but just cannot bring myself to. I never have any energy to do anything, and I just want to sleep all the time. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    • There is help available. You and your mom sound like you have gone through a lot. If you keep thinking of suicide, you need professional help. Ask your school counselor how to get the support you need.

  64. River Letheo says:

    I am a freshman in high school and I believe I’m very depressed. I’ve told my mom but she keeps telling me that I’m not and that I need to stop being such a drama queen. I’m failing Biology and I guess maybe my mom doesn’t understand why and I don’t really either. I’ve tried contantly to bring it up, along with my mother taking away my electronics to somehow motivate me, but it won’t go up. I don’t want to blame it on the teacher but what do I do if I’ve turned everything in and even done multiple extra credit things to bring it up, only to continue to have a 64 in that class.

  65. Keith Jones says:

    I really like this article because i am currently a 9th grader and i’m in gifted arts class and English 1 honors right now and i’m not doing so good in English my friends have stayed the same sine 6th grade but my grades have been dropping rapidly and i really just want to end it right now but i cant do that to my parents even though they are really annoying i love them and i’m usually a straight a student but not anymore and its really eating at me and i cant take it anymore. i don’t know what to do i’m so scared right now

  66. Brooke Cole says:

    I am writing this now after being sad about my grades. I would ask my dad, but he is more of a health psychologist than a mental one, and plus it would be better anonymous I think. My mom just showed me my grades and I had some c’s and d’s here and there, and some missings. I am in the accelerated program at my school, and my parents care, but aren’t harsh about my grades. They don’t always understand that I need my iPad for homework, and sometimes I have to tell them I need it. I am very stressed, and I had to retake my math tests and I feel like I am failing this semester. I had a severe stomach bug at the beginning of the year, and I feel this is what has thrown me back in my grades. But still, how am I still getting bad grades? Achievement grades, more specifically, which are the more serious ones in classes. I feel lots of stress, and I am only a 7th grade girl! I hope you could give me some advice, though this is not causing me to be in a depressed state or harming myself. Sometimes I just feel like I need a shoulder to cry on, and to help me through with my school year.

    All best wishes,


  67. Kay says:

    I believe my child (11yrs) is going through depression based on self-image. He has gained a significant amount of “baby fat” with the onset of puberty though he eats healthy and is avidly into sports. He is extremely critical of himself and is quick to say things like, “I’m ugly” or “Why should I live?” and “I’m a failure.” He does not directly receive these messages from me however everytime I try to address why he is “forgetting” his school assignments or not putting effort into his work (i.e., writing sloppy, not checking for spelling or punctuation, etc.) he is quick to interpret my words as yet another reason why he has no purpose here on earth (yes, it’s that dramatic). I feel like I have tried everything and I am plain exhausted. More important than his studies, though, I am very concerned about his mental health and self image. I had him seeing a therapist (alongside myself, but separate) in hopes that he would open up and perhaps get some better insight from someone other than myself. We have gone on 5 months of therapy and he refuses to open up or discuss anything other than what he did since last week, how’s school, etc. I understand these things can take time but in the meantime I am desperate to find some type of breakthrough that can get him on some upward trajectory and I’m at a loss. He is quick to shut me down with, “Well your just my mom so of course you’d say that!” whenever I try to talk to him about his physical insecurities. I want to find a way to work with him (and discipline him for bad behavior, such as bad grades) while trying to avoid perpetuating this cycle of negative thinking.

  68. John says:

    It is amazing how this post is dead on how my life is. In middle school my grades were very well and my parents and I were proud of them. I’m now a sophomore in high school and the past year has been the worst year of my life. I used to be most A’s and few B’s student, and now I am a C average student who gets lucky if having a B in a class. Since the beginning of this school year, I’ve been smoking a lot of weed. It makes me relax and forget about my troubles. For a couple months, I was smoking everyday straight. I realized my grades were dripping so I tried cutting down my usage. But now everyday I’m sober, I try studying but I get so distracted by basically nothing that it takes me hours to finish homework from only one class. By midnight I go to bed and I think on how my grades are gonna drop because I didn’t finish homework from other classes or even study for the test I have the next day. I start thinking about senior year and how my parents are close to broke and wouldn’t be able to go to school without amazing academic scholarships. My GPA so far is a 2.5 with no honors or AP classes. I start getting angry at myself and then I end up crying because I don’t know what I’m ever gonna do with my life. I would never kill myself but I good suicidal thoughts because I think of what my life will be in the future. I always have this vision that I’m in my 30’s working a minimum wage job living with my parents. Meaning I will just end up as a disappointment and will have no purpose in life at all. That’s why my life is so messed up. I’m either stoned and completely relaxed, or become very depressed and end up with suicidal thoughts. I’ve thought about telling my parents about this multiple times, but I’m always too embarrassed to tell them and I would completely break their hearts if they found out that I was going through this and I wouldn’t be able to go through with it. I’ve been looking through the Internet for any solution to my problem and I came here.
    Thank you for your great post. It showed me that I couldn’t be alone on how I’m feeling.

  69. Jacob says:


    This post is brilliant!

    When I was in secondary school (United Kingdom) I was a high grade student, my predicted grades were A-C and in history my teacher said I was working at A* standards.

    But something happened during year 10, I lost interest in my subjects and started forgetting things.

    I was always a emotionally unstable has kid, like being super shy kid and never standing up for myself, that kind of unstableness.

    I never understood mental health in school seems they don’t really tell you about it, now I’m in college I know anxiety and depression was a big problem for me in school but I never showed it, I was always the “Happy Kid”, if someone bullied me I won’t do anything.

    At school or home, If didn’t understand something or tried being angry I would bust into tears, I don’t know why this happened…..I just couldn’t be angry at someone, this got worse through the year.

    Anyway back to my grades, My predicted grades dropped like a stone, from A-C to C-E, my memory was getting worse and worse, was I over cooking my brain with knowledge?.

    My finals were awful! my highest GCSE was a D! and remember my history? working at a A*?…..well I got an F…..Why did everything go so badly wrong? :(

    I want to go to university but with these grades they’ll never accept me, I wasn’t diagnosed with anxiety and depression until mid 2014 after I suffered massive mental breakdown at college-I finished school in 2012.

    If your grades are bad you can tell the university why but will they believe me? seems I wasn’t diagnosed when I was in school.

    I got help for my depression and suicidal thoughts and I’ve improved massively and trying to get my life in order but it’s so hard with my pass mistakes (School grades).

  70. Unknowm says:

    I get bad grades sometimes and I just got another D this same term. My mom blames my bf, but really I just need help, but she won’t listen. Any advice?

  71. John says:

    I honestly feel this. I’m currently in high school IB, which is incredibly tough and I receive almost no parental support. Last year (freshman year) I had done good in the first semester, however during second semester my dad got an email that I wasn’t doing as good, it was the start of the quarter and I had missed an assignment making my grade looking a lot worse than it was due to lack of assignments. Immediately after that I was grounded and my phone and videogames were taken away for me until the end of the school year about 6 months. I had very few friends at school and most of my friends were outside of school, so I had zero to no contact with them whatsoever. On top of that my dad grounded me from leaving the house, so for an entire semester all I did was go home and to school. This eventually made me depressed due to lack of social interaction and I didn’t care about grades. I went from a 4.0 GPA in first semester, to having B’s and C’s in second semester.

    • I am so sorry to hear about what is happening in your life. If you are in an IB program you are obviously a very motivated and intelligent student who doesn’t need this kind of a heavy hand from your parents. Have you tried to enlist another adult to plead your case or talked with someone at school who might talk to your parents. Would they be willing to send you for counseling, where a counselor could support what sounds like your very legitimate needs with your parents?

    • Joshua says:

      Hi John, it must be very sad to be grounded for 6 months and on top of that, your grades diminishing. This may be the fact that IB classes are very difficult to maintain a good GPA so students tend to drop out of IB and switch to regular classes. If the workload is too much, I recommend you switch to Academic classes and do very well from there. If you cannot, then talk to your teacher about extra credit and about the workload he provides you with. Hope everything goes well with your school and family!

    • Kim says:

      I went through something similar when I was your age. I wished that my parents would not have been so hard on me and that they would trust me enough to know I didn’t like getting bad grades, either and that I can and would improve. The classes were much harder and I couldn’t turn to anyone for help. Eventually, it all worked out. My grades improved (except Chemistry) and my parents were calmer.

  72. maryam says:

    This is a great post!

    I used to get very good grades but now I get average marks and I think it is so because I have a crush on One Direction or I’m a big fan girl or something. And sometimes I feel like just getting out of the house as the teachers are putting too much pressure on students. And my parents also keep shouting at me..just help me out

  73. nardos says:

    Ok so I am a sophomore in high school and my English grade been dropping sense last semester and now on this semester its getting really bad and I don’t know what to do I tried studying but still I am going down hill I just can’t find a solution for it so that’s why I checked out this wed site so at least someone will give me advice, and in case your wondering I don’t take drugs, also I am an A student all my other subjects are all A’s, so because of the bad grade I have in English I am so depressed it feel like the end of the world for me. Do you have any advice you can give me to improve my grade over the summer? I will do anything to at least to a C or B average.

  74. Mary says:

    I’ve got a sophomore in high school who formerly was an excellent student. This year she’s bombing out of math and science. She has decided she can’t do these subjects. However, she puts in zero effort in them, and I (and her teachers) have no doubt she’d do fine if she put in a modicum of work. We’ve been taking her to a therapist, but my impression is that she spends the entire time just whining to the therapist about how mean we are for caring about her future. I haven’t seen any improvement in her attitude, performance or behavior. I think the therapist just reinforces her lack of motivation.

    I wish this article had offered some actual advice for parents of teens in this situation. She’s not on drugs, she’s not depressed. Essentially this article just says pat their backs and tell them it’s just peachy that they are getting crappy grades. Not helpful in the least.

    • I don’t think that is the message I was trying to convey at all! I was trying to say that often when bright teenagers do badly in school it is due to depression or drug use that is not suspected by the family. That may not be the case with your daughter at all and that would be for the you and your own psychologist to determine. If those two things are ruled out then there are many behavioral strategies that can be effective. What has been tried?

      Try talking to her therapist about the lack of improvement you see. A second opinion might be warranted, especially if you do not have confidence in the person who is currently working with your daughter.

      I want to make parents aware that many times when they are absolutely sure their kids are NOT using drugs I find, in speaking to teenagers when their privacy is guaranteed, that they tell me they are using quite heavily. It is easy to hide from parents, even those who feel they are sophisticated about drug use.Depression is something else that is easily missed because teenagers can hide this easily from busy parents.
      I hope you find good solutions for your daughter.

      • A Sophmore says:

        Fist off to the parent please don’t you dare say that your kid was just whining to her therapist. That is a very negative look on things and coming from a depressed teen myself you don’t know what your child is going through. I was starving myself and my parents had no clue, until I bravely told them. I was also very depressed and i felt like giving up. Not because I was lazy but because I felt dead inside, no, dead would of been better then that. So before you assume anything about your kid, maybe you should take a look at yourself because, I am sure your daughter can see that negativity toward that subject that you feel. That makes someone even more hopeless when their parents are negative and not understanding. So in every aspect look at your own action before you assume something about someone.

  75. Sharon says:

    This was a great post! Funny how you saw to learn the cause of what’s wrong before you have to treat it, but I guess many people over look that simple idea. Another thing I wanted to add, from my personal experience, but not a professional, is to try not to listen to family members or maybe close friends who either are studying to be psychologists (getting degree) or close to getting licensed as they tend to think they know the answer to everything. This may sound funny but it’s true. After dealing with a situation such as this myself with my child, I received better advice from a professional, such as yourself.
    Thank you.

    • Everyone wants to give advice and advice is often very helpful. A professional opinion should be neutral and unbiased plus years of experience help us to discern patterns that a lay person can miss. Thank you for your comments.

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